KAARTAL. If you’re looking to sell your stuff online in Dubai or anywhereinUAE, KAARTAL is probably the best place to start. You can put pretty much any and everything up for sale on this site, whether it’s home furniture and appliances, books, clothes, electricals, DVDs, jewellery or even your new products. 

Selling online in the UAE is made simple through platforms like Kaartal. You can easily join our marketplace for free, allowing you to sell your products with full control over your sales. Simply sign up for an account on Kaartal’s website, list your products, manage inventory, and engage with customers hassle-free. It’s a convenient way to expand your business reach in the UAE.

Kaartal prioritizes top-notch security measures, employing encryption and robust protocols, ensuring a secure trading environment.

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Kaartal is a free marketplace designed as an online platform connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. It facilitates trade across diverse categories such as electronics, fashion, home goods, and more.

kaartal is a extended version of KARTAL . Kartal is a turkish word , Kartal is a word that means “eagle” in Turkish. It is derived from the Ottoman Turkish word “kartal”.

Yes, Kaartal is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Both individual sellers and businesses can register on Kaartal to showcase their products or services.

Kaartal prioritizes the security of transactions. It employs secure payment gateways and encryption methods to safeguard user data and financial information.

Yes, Kaartal offers a customer support system to address queries, concerns, and technical issues. Users can access help through various channels like live chat, email, or FAQs.

Registration is required  sellers need accounts to list products and manage sales. whil it’s also important thing for buyers.

Yes, both buyers and sellers can leave reviews and ratings based on their experiences. These reviews contribute to the overall transparency and reliability of the platform.

Kaartal primarily operates in English but offer language options based on user demand and geographic location.

Yes, Kaartal is accessible through its website and may have a dedicated mobile application for users’ convenience, enabling browsing and transactions on smartphones and tablets.

Uploading high-quality images, crafting detailed product descriptions, and maintaining competitive pricing are key to improving product visibility on Kaartal.

Absolutely! Kaartal offers customizable storefronts, allowing sellers to showcase their brand and products uniquely.

FAQs About Ecommerce-UAE

There are several platforms where you can post free classified ads in the UAE. Websites like Dubizzle, Kaartal Marketplace, and Locanto offer free ad posting services.

The best-classified ad platform often varies based on individual preferences. However, Kaartal is widely recognized as one of the prominent and popular classified ad platforms in Dubai.

The definition of the “best” classifieds site depends on specific needs. Platforms like Kaartal , dubizzle Bayut are often considered among the top classified sites in the UAE.

Other than Dubizzle, several similar websites cater to classified ads in the UAE. Some alternatives include Kaartal Marketplace, Locanto, and Bayut.

Yes, many platforms allow free advertising. Kaartal, Dubizzle, and Locanto offer free ad posting services for various categories. But KAARTAL is free of ads etc.

Yes, numerous websites offer free advertising services. Platforms like Dubizzle, Kaartal Marketplace, Locanto, and many others allow users to post ads without any charge.

10 best digital products to sell online

  1. Online courses
  2. Ebsooks
  3. Licensed digital content
  4. Premium content libraries
  5. Digital templates and tools
  6. Product photography
  7. Music, art, and entertainment
  8. Digital services
  9. Printable digital products
  10. Digital memberships

You cane sell degital products on KAARTAL. its free and easy platform with unique features. 

If you’re starting from scratch, using KAARTAL is the simplest way to sell products online. But you can try WooCommerce if you already have a WordPress website.

FAQs About Electronics

Offering warranties for used electronics can significantly enhance buyer confidence and increase the chances of a successful sale. Marketplace, and Locanto offer free ad posting services.

you can sell electronics on KAARTAL ecommerce platform. just go to our vendor registration page and fill details.

Those looking to sell furniture and other household items can look at KAARTAL, Varage Sale or use community or second-hand groups on Facebook. we have a Fcebook Group , you can Join.

the top five online stores in the UAE eCommerce market are amazon.ae, Kaartal.com, carrefouruae.com, apple.com, and noon.com

You can sell unwanted items in Dubai through platforms like Kaartal or  Facebook Marketplace. These online avenues allow you to easily list and sell your items to interested buyers in the UAE


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Yes, Kaartal offers a customer support system to address queries, concerns, and technical issues. Users can access help through various channels like live chat, email, or FAQs.

URL: kaartal,com/faq

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